PDF Chlorine Cylinder and Ton Container Customers Generic Safety and Security Checklist    

PDF Chlorine Release Fact Sheet

PDF Pamphlet 1 - Chlorine Basics    

PDF Pamphlet 5 - Bulk Storage of Liquid Chlorine

PDF Pamphlet 6 - Piping Systems for Dry Chlorine    

PDF Pamphlet 9 - Chlorine Vaporizing systems

PDF Pamphlet 17 - Packaging Plant Safety and Operational Guidelines    

PDF Pamphlet 49 - Recommended Practices for Handling Chlorine Bulk Highway Transports

PDF Pamphlet 57 - Emergency Shut-Off Systems for Bulk Transfer of Chlorine    

PDF Pamphlet 60 - Chlorine Pipelines

PDF Pamphlet 63 - First Aid, Medical and Monitoring Practices for Chlorine    

PDF Pamphlet 65 - PPE for Chlor-Alkali Chemicals

PDF Pamphlet 66 - Recommended Practices for Handling Chlorine Tank Cars    

PDF Pamphlet 73 - Atmospheric Monitoring Equipment for Chlorine

PDF Pamphlet 76 - Guidelines for Safe Transportation of Chlorine Cylinders and Ton Containers    

PDF Pamphlet 85 - Recommendations for Prevention of Personal Injuries for Chlorine Production and Use Facilities

PDF Pamphlet 86 - Recommendations to Chlor-Alkali Manufacturing Facilities for the Prevention of Chlorine Releases    

PDF Pamphlet 89 - Chlorine Scrubbing Systems

PDF Pamphlet 91 - Checklist for Chlorine Packaging Plants, Distributors and Tank Car Users of Chlorine    

PDF Pamphlet 95 - Gaskets for Chlorine Service

PDF Pamphlet 152 - Safe Handling of Chlorine Containing Nitrogen Trichloride    

PDF Pamphlet 155 - Water and Wastewater Operators Chlorine Handbook

PDF Pamphlet 164 - Reactivity and Compatibility of Chlorine with Various Materials    

PDF Pamphlet 165 - Instrumentation for Chlorine Service