SafetyJCI has invested millions of dollars in technological advancements to ensure the protection of its facilities, employees, customers and neighboring communities where we work and live.  JCI's operating procedures and mitigation systems exceed governmental requirements.  JCI is also the company of choice with thorough safety site assessments, product training and on call Emergency Response teams available 24/7.  This philosophy also extends to our market research efforts.  JCI is constantly seeking improved chemical solutions for a better future environment and to fill the growing demands of the world responsively.

The center of JCI's operating philosophy is an ongoing commitment to providing the finest goods and services to our customers, while still keeping a keen and responsible priority on the health and welfare of our employees, customers and neighbors in the communities where we operate.

JCI has Emergency Response Teams at each facility. They are fully equipped to handle any chemical emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. JCI is also associated with CHEMTREC as well as CHLOREP emergency support systems.

Key elements to JCI's Safety and Product Stewardship:
  • JCI goes through a Safety, Security and Innovationcomprehensive screening process for all employees, including extensive job training.
  • The Company-wide track record of most of its operational and transportation employees having more than ten years with JCI adds assurance to our customers that we have the most experienced employees handling their product needs.
  • JCI has a respected and cooperative alliance with its producers, suppliers, industry associates and regulatory agencies.
  • We have invested and continue to invest significant time and resources to ensure that our security policies and procedures are effective and up to date in order to protect our customers best interests at all levels. 
  • Our state of the art network infrastructure consists of the latest hardware and software that is continually and consistently monitored and upgraded. JCI is served and protected with the latest in load balanced servers, the best firewalls, anti-virus, identity and access management tools, and monitoring systems that report instantly.
  • We operate above and beyond the recommendations of Homeland Security and continue to enhance our networks according with all best practices security procedures regarding data integrity, privacy and the communication of sensitive information.

  • JCI utilizes the latest handling and transportation processes. JCI has extensive state of-the-art mitigation systems located at all facilities. Mitigation systems included are ultrasonic storage tank level monitors, temperature control monitors and automatic shut-off valves throughout the chemical processing system.

  • JCI inspects every chlorine ton and cylinder before filling. The container is completely evacuated, the valve is re-built and repaired and the interior and exterior of the container is inspected throughout using fiber optic equipment.

  • JCI offers FREE Safety Seminars & Assessments for the safe handling of the products we supply.